Imagine this…

Date Night With Strangers

“…You moaned my name loud, and I asked you how you knew my name, not having given it to you. You moaned that was your husbands name and to shut up and cum. There was something so erotic about being completely powerless in this situation

Lets Go To a Concert

“…The singer pulled you in close and outlined your lips with the tip of his tongue before parting your lips with it. His right hand sat on your knee but moved upwards towards the gap in your thighs. His left hand moved the dress off your shoulder as he moved his kisses from your neck, down to your collar bone. You whispered in his ear that you should take this to the back bedroom and he stopped long enough to tell you no because when he was done with you, the drummer wanted to try your pussy next

Welcome Home John

“…I turn you around while kissing on your neck so john can get a good look at your perky C cups and that’s when you remember he’s in the room with us. You start to turn around in protest to what’s happening, now feeling a little shy, but I grab you by the hair and force you to your knees. You sit on your knees and look up into my eyes as I undo my pants and take out my hard dick. I press it to your lips and tell you to suck it so john can watch how good of a little cock sucker you are and you do just that…”

Girls Trip

“….Using her tongue, she traced the outline of your panties and grazed over the exact spot your clit was under the fabric. She could smell how turned on you were getting and told you she wanted to see what it tasted like. Slowly she used her fingertips, and slid one finger from your knee, up your thigh and pulled the fabric of your panties to the side. She kissed the outer area of your mound on both sides, before using her tongue to part your pussy lips…”

Dr. Richard

“….He finally removed the stethoscope from your shirt and placed it right on your pussy. It was like he could tell exactly where your clit was. I sat in disbelief as he set it down and exclaimed that it was exactly what he thought and that he would need you to strip down for a full examination. I couldn’t believe what was happening but I was already hard…”

Let’s Take A Roadtrip

“You pulled the fabric to the side so I could get a full view of your freshly shaven pussy and used only one finger to go from the top, down over your clit, and slide slowly into your opening. You slid it in and out a couple times until it was covered in juices and then slipped another finger in. While you were stroking yourself, a trucker drove by and obviously saw what you were doing and gave us a couple honks. It didn’t faze you for a second. You just turned your head to look at him, smiled, and kept fingering yourself. Both fingers were now soaked and you pulled them out and spread your pussy lips wide for me, before reaching over and placing your fingers in my mouth….”


“….You were bent over the kitchen counter, completely naked. He was behind you on his knees with his face buried in your pussy. You looked in complete ecstasy. I couldn’t believe you could be so slutty but I fucking loved it….”

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