Imagine this…. I walk into the bar after a long day at work, still in my suit from the office, ready for a relaxing and stress free night. Little did I know when I walked in, that the first thing I would see is you. You were wearing a yellow sundress that fell just above your knees; high heels and your blonde hair swayed bellow your shoulders. The fact that you were the most attractive girl in the bar was evident, because of the crowd of men surrounding you vying for your attention. I was instantly attracted but knew my shot of landing someone who looked like you was slim, so I stepped to the side of the crowd and ordered a drink from the bar.

I sat for a while watching the basketball game on the TV above the bar, sipping on my drink when the crowd to the side of me started dissipating. I didn’t even have a chance to look to see if you were still there before I saw in my peripherals someone sitting down next to me. I was surprised when I did look and it was you smirking at me. “Is there a reason you didn’t buy me a drink too?” was the first thing you said to me. I tried to play it off cool and said something about all the drinks that were probably already bought for you from the crowd of men, but I think it came off more asshole than I meant it too. You had obviously been around plenty of men before, because you took the comment in stride. You leaned in close to me and whispered in my ear, “I only let a couple of them finger me under my dress, and if you buy me a drink, maybe I’ll let you do a little more to me.” My jaw fell to the floor as I looked into those sexy eyes of yours and you leaned back and waited for me to order you a drink. I instantly called the bartender over and told him to get you however many drinks you wanted and put it on my tab. You laughed as you bit your lip, obviously knowing the power you had on me.

We spent the next hour drinking and talking, or at least I did. You spent most of the night fending off random other guys who tried hitting on you and I secretly wondered why you wanted to drink with me instead of all of them. As soon as I thought it, I stashed that thought away and never thought it again. A couple times a guy would come up and ask you to dance and I urged you to go with them, wanting to get a full view of your body but not a dancer myself. As I watched you grinding into the strangers, I couldn’t help notice the way the dress cling to your perfectly sized faked tits or the way you could move your hips. Each time when you came back to the bar, I tried hard to cover up the raging boner in my pants, but was completely unsuccessfully as the only thought in my head was what you looked like naked.

The last time you came back from the dance floor, I again tried to cover my hard on, but stopped when you reached over and placed your hand right where my hard on was. With a little grip of my shaft through my pants, you again leaned in and whispered that a deal was a deal. I quickly paid the tab and led you out of the bar to my car. As we approached my Yukon, it dawned on me that I had been drinking quite a lot and probably shouldn’t be driving anywhere. I told you as much, and you responded that was fine, and that we didn’t need to drive anywhere. Not completely sure what you meant, again I had been drinking a lot, I jumped in the drivers side seat and unlocked the door for you to get in. Before I could put the keys in the ignition, you leaned over and kissed me, biting my lip in the sexiest way possible in the progress.

Even with just a kiss, I was already hard as I had ever been in my life. I could feel my shaft pressing hard against my pants and unzipped them just to relieve the tension. Your lips opened wide and your tongue traveled from tongue, across both of my lips and slowly down my cheek to my jawbone. At my jawbone, you placed a slight kiss, and then slid your tongue down until it reached my neck. There was something so erotic about the way you sucked on my neck. It had been since high school that I had a hickey but I knew there would be one there tomorrow and it felt incredible.

You must have noticed that I had undone my pants, because as you sucked on my neck, your hand reached down and under my boxers. You gripped the base of my hard shaft and started to massage the skin up and down. I reached over and I didn’t want you touching me to stop, but I wanted more than anything to get that dress off of you and see what those tits looked like bare. I reached for the bottom of the dress and lifted. Being the good girl that you were, you kept your hand sliding up and down my cock until the dress had came all the way off except for that one arm. When the dress was completely off, you leaned back and I thought for a second that you wanted to stop, but you reached back and undid your bra. Your perfect D cup tits stayed perfectly still as the bra fell to the floor of the car and your hard nipples rose to a stiffness as the cold air hit them. I leaned in, wanting to suck on them so bad, but you pushed me with your heal in the chest so that I fell backwards. You reached down and raised your hips, and slid your panties up over your knees, and then down onto the floor.

I wanted to look in your eyes to see the lust, but couldn’t peel my eyes away from your freshly shaven pussy. Again I moved in to get a taste of your pussy, but you again pushed me back. With your heels still on, you spread your legs wide to give me a full view as you used your fingers to spread your pussy lips wide. As you started rubbing your clit, I grabbed my cock and started rubbing it in sync with your finger motions. Loud moans filled the car from both of us, and the sent of sex started to arise. Not being able to take it anymore, I again tried to lean in and this time you grabbed the back of my head and led it straight to your pussy. I licked and sucked your juices as if it were my last meal, sliding my tongue from your asshole up your pussy lips and across your clit and repeating until you came in my mouth. You were already the best tasting pussy of my life but when you came, it was like nothing I had ever tasted in my life and I craved more of it. I started to lick more, wanting you to come again, but you again pushed me back in my seat. I started to stroke myself again, getting ready for another show, but this time you leaned over grabbed my hard dick with both hands and twisted them in opposite directions.

The tornado like motion of your hands had me at the brink of cumming and I almost lost it when you wrapped your soft lips around the head of my dick and sucked hard. I shuttered at the feeling, and so you took your mouth off and told me that I couldn’t come yet, because there was still more work for my dick to do. You climbed over the center console and draped your legs over mine. Your perfect tits were in my face and I leaned in and gripped one with my right hand, while guiding my dick with my left hand to your pussy. You pulled back and lifted your hips simultaneously and I instantly knew I did something wrong. I asked what was the matter, and you just smirked that sexy smirk, and said, “My pussy is only for my husband, you get my ass.” I thought you were kidding at first, not having noticed the wedding ring, but then I felt your hand grip my shaft yet again, and lead it to your asshole. It took a minute for us to work the head into your ass, and then a few minutes for you to adjust to the size before you started gyrating your hips up and down like I had seen you do dancing with those strangers. You rubbed your clit with your fingers as I sucked and nibbled on your hard nipples, as you bounced up and down on my dick. You moaned my name loud, and I asked you how you knew my name, not having given it to you. You moaned that was your husbands name and to shut up and cum. There was something so erotic about being completely powerless in this situation. Your asshole was so tight and warm, and the fact that you could take every single inch of my cock had me so turned on that I moaned I was about to cum. Instead of getting off of me like most girls would have and had me cum into a napkin or something, you reached back, gripped both ass cheeks with your hands, looked back at your ass and slammed it down harder onto my cock. That’s all I could take and I filled your ass with so much cum that it leaked down the sides of my dick onto my legs.

We both cleaned ourselves off and I offered you a ride home, now being completely sober. You agreed and I drove you to the address you gave me. As I pulled in the driveway, I leaned in and gave you a kiss. “That was our hottest date yet. I can’t wait until next weeks date night,” you said to me. With that, we both got out of our car and headed into our house. Being married to you has been the craziest thing we have ever done with our lives, and the sex just keeps on getting better.