Imagine this… I’m sitting at the kitchen table on a Saturday morning watching your dark brown hair sway back and forth as you are cooking us breakfast. Like usual, you are standing there in an old t-shirt of mine that is so thin that your nipples are peaking out from under the soft material. The bottom of your shirt barely hangs over the curve of your thick booty and every time you move around I catch glimpses of your perfectly curved butt.

With no plans for the day we start thinking of things we want to do. A couple ideas float around but we end up settling on a little road trip to the nearby waterfalls. With the sun shining outside and the promise of water at the end of the trip, I put on board shorts, a white t-shirt and flip-flops. You love when I wear my white t-shirt cause it really makes my arm sleeves of tattoos stand out. You walk out to the car, as I’m loading up some picnic stuff, wearing a light blue bikini top, cut off jeans shorts that were unbuttoned at the top so your bikini bottoms were showing and some flip flops. The jean shorts were torn at the bottom so your ass cheeks could easily be seen. It always turned me on knowing we were going in public and you were dressed so revealing.

The waterfalls were about six hours away so we set off on the road as quickly as possible. With the music turned up, we spent the next couple hours jamming out and having a good time. After awhile you started getting sleepy so you rolled in your seat to take a nap. I was trying to keep my eyes on the road but they kept drifting over to your exposed ass cheeks. Even after being together for a couple years, the site of your perfect body still turned me on so much that I started getting hard while driving. I subtly reached over and rubbed on your ass just to get a feel of your soft skin. I could barely take it anymore, so I undid the drawstrings on my shorts and pulled them down as steady as I could so I didn’t jerk the car. I guess I didn’t do a good enough job because the car swerved to the right a little and it woke you up.

As you rolled over, you smiled, not surprised at all to see me stroking myself. You bit your lip as you looked over at me and asked if I liked what I was looking at. There was a fair amount of traffic on the highway but all inhibitions were thrown out the window now. You turned up the music a little bit and slowly slipped off your jean shorts. Reaching up under your bikini top, you started playing with your nipples until they were hard but left them covered so I still had to use a little bit of imagination looking at them. You slowly moved your hand down from your nipples across your flat stomach and over your hips. Seeing that you had my full attention, while still trying to focus on the road, you moved your hand and grazed over the bikini part that was covering your pussy. I could see the material begin to soak with juices as you started rubbing back and forth over the material. I was stroking myself pretty good now and begged you to show me your pussy lips. You pulled the fabric to the side so I could get a full view of your freshly shaven pussy and used only one finger to go from the top, down over your clit, and slide slowly into your opening. You slid it in and out a couple times until it was covered in juices and then slipped another finger in. While you were stroking yourself, a trucker drove by and obviously saw what you were doing and gave us a couple honks. It didn’t faze you for a second. You just turned your head to look at him, smiled, and kept fingering yourself. Both fingers were now soaked and you pulled them out and spread your pussy lips wide for me, before reaching over and placing your fingers in my mouth. You tasted so good as always. I wanted to taste you more, but seeing how I was driving, I was having a hard enough time, as it was, not crashing the car. You could see how turned on I was and reached over to replace my hand on my dick with yours. You stroked just the head at first, and then reached over with your other hand so you could grip my entire shaft. You picked up the pace as you made a twisting motion with your hands, up and down my shaft, until you could tell I was on the verge of cumming. Not having anywhere to cum without getting it all over the car, you unbuckled your seat belt, got on your knees on the seat, bent over and placed the head of my dick in your mouth. I was already about to cum before this, so when you started sucking hard on the head of my dick while still keeping up the twisting motion with your hands on my shaft, I couldn’t take it anymore and came hard. You kept the head of my dick in your mouth and pumped every last drop of cum out of me, swallowing every last drop.

You gave me a kiss on the cheek before sitting back in your seat. Neither of us bothered putting our clothes back on, until we started getting hungry for lunch. There was a gas station a couple miles up and we decided that since we wanted to get to the waterfalls quickly, we would just stop in for some snack food before hitting the road again. You were still pulling your jean shorts up as we pulled into the gas station. We walked in the door and I proceeded to the cooler section to grab a drink. I was still standing there picking out what I wanted when you walked up behind me, kissed me on the neck and whispered for me to follow you. I did as I was told and grabbed your hand so you could lead the way. You walked straight to the bathroom and I looked around before following you in. I caught eyes with the guy working the cash register but he quickly turned as if he didn’t see anything.

Once inside the bathroom, I figured I knew what was about to happen but I reminded you that we were in a rush to get to the waterfalls before it got dark. You told me to be quiet and that this wouldn’t take long. You bent over the sink pulled your jean shorts down to your ankles and then pulled your bikini bottoms to the side once more. I walked up behind you and undid my shorts and guided my hard dick to your pussy. Before I could slide it in, you looked back at me and asked what I thought I was doing. I had a confused look on my face but I figured out what you meant when you grabbed the top of my head and pushed me to my knees. You bent over further so I could have easier access as you guided my head with your hands to your wet pussy. Knowing how horny you were, I dove right in, licking up any juices I could find. You tasted incredible as I used my lips to suck on your pussy lips. I used my hands to spread your ass cheeks apart, gave your clit a few good hard licks with the tip of my tongue and then up and over your asshole. You twitched with delight, but only moaned once I made my way back to your clit. I rubbed the tip of my tongue up and down the clit until it was fully exposed and then flicked it until your moans filled the entire bathroom. Cum was soon all over my mouth and you shuttered with satisfaction. I got to my feet, hard as ever and pushed my dick into your now sloppy pussy. You were still sensitive so you pushed back against my stomach with your hands but then the feeling of me being inside you overcame you and you let me enter deep inside you. It didn’t take me long to get a motion going, and both of our moans got louder. I reached up and grabbed a handful of your hair and pulled tightly on it. Your head pulled back and I wanted to make sure you got a good view in the bathroom mirror of me fucking you hard. I let go of your hair long enough to give you a firm spanking and the gripped it tight again.

You were letting me fuck you so deep and so hard that it didn’t take long for me to cum inside you. I sat back on the toilet in exhaustion while you cleaned yourself up. After putting our clothes back on. We exited the bathroom with not near the amount of secrecy we should have used, and proceeded to grab our snacks and drinks and head to the checkout counter. The guy behind the counter didn’t say a word about what he obviously knew we just did in the bathroom, but gave me a wink as we walked out the door.

The waterfalls were beautiful and we had an incredible time there as well, but that’s a story for another time.