Imagine this…. We are getting ready to head out for our weekend errands when you walk into the living room and remind me that you have a doctor’s appointment today. I barely look up from the TV at first, but take a double look at you when I notice what you are wearing; A tight button up shirt with the top few buttons undone so that the cleavage from your perky B cups are showing and white shorts that are just see through enough that I can see your lace black G-string through the material. Although you are 26 years old, you haven’t aged much since you turned 18 and your 5’ 6’’ curvy frame has stayed tight and firm.

I’m not quite sure why you are dressed so sexy for a trip to the doctors but I stay silent and load up in the car to head to the doctors office. The whole drive there, I am trying not to make it so obvious that I have a raging hard-on from looking over at you, but I’m not doing a good job of it. You look over and smile before telling me that maybe tonight will be the night we get back on the horse. As hard as it is to admit, we have been going through a dry spell lately. I have been super busy with work and you have been having a lot of doctors appointments and such and our schedules haven’t really meshed well. Hearing you say that maybe tonight will be the night I finally get some after weeks of no sex, gets me even hornier but I try to think of something else as we get out of the car and head into the doctors office.

After a short time in the waiting room, we are escorted into the doctor’s office and are told that Dr. Richard will be in to see us in just a few minutes. You sit on the patient table as I take the seat across the room facing you. Dr. Richard walked in the room and everything started to make sense. After seeing the tall good-looking man, it was no wonder that you had been having so many “doctors appointments” or you were dressed the way you were. He introduced himself to me before donning his stethoscope, and starting his examination on you. He first placed it on your back and had you breath in and out. You got a smirk on your face as he moved the stethoscope from your back to your front. He moved it from over your shirt to under and started moving it around. I have never seen a doctor put one of those tools on or under breast before but I wasn’t going to question him. He was pretty much fondling you and you loved it. He finally removed it from your shirt and placed it right on your pussy. It was like he could tell exactly where your clit was. I sat in disbelief as he set it down and exclaimed that it was exactly what he thought and that he would need you to strip down for a full examination. I couldn’t believe what was happening but I was already hard. You got off the table and walked over to me. You started stripping down, and when you removed your panties and stood in front of me completely naked, you took my fingers and placed it on your clit. You told me to get you ready for the doctor so I moved my fingers across your clit until you were nice and wet.

You told me to take out my dick, because you were going to like what you saw. I didn’t know exactly what was about to happen but I had a pretty good idea so I took my pants off and sat in the corner as you walked back to the exam table. The doctor told you to get on all fours so he could do his examination. You did as you were told and assumed the position. I said loud enough for the doctor to hear, that you like to be played with first and he turned to me and said, “I know what she likes”. He buried his face in your dripping wet pussy and started eating you out. You were cumming in minutes and moaning so loud that he stopped, walked over to your face and put a finger on your mouth. “If you don’t quiet down, someone is going to complain.” You told him that you could be a good girl if he gave you what you really wanted.

I had never heard you talk or act like this before but it was difficult to keep myself from cumming as I heard him ask you what it was that you really wanted. You told him that you needed your face fucked badly. He took out his dick and I was baffled when I saw the size of it. I knew that you wouldn’t be able to take the entire 10 inches or so down your throat but that sure as hell didn’t stop you from trying. I sat stroking myself as I watched you stare up into his eyes as your wrapped your lips around the head of his dick. He held your shoulders and shuttered while looking over at me and saying “someone taught her to be a good cocksucker.” When he said this you took his dick out, slapped the slide of your cheek with his shaft and winked at me. I couldn’t take it anymore and came on the floor in front of me.

The doctor looked over and laughed at what I had done, and said that he would have to call in his nurse to clean that mess up, but before he did, he wanted to have some of your fine pussy again, and that it was his favorite thing about you. Hearing him say this made me wonder how many times you had done this with him, but I just sat there watching. He moved around to your ass, bent down and bit you right on your ass cheek that was sticking in the air. You moaned in ecstasy, reached back to grab his dick, and guided it into your waiting pussy. He didn’t let you get accustomed to the size, but instead, shoved his entire dick into you with one thrust. “Just like you like it” he said with a moan. You came almost instantly and didn’t stop the entire time he was fucking you. After what seemed like an hour, he got a page and said he had to leave for another patient. He finished inside you, even though being your doctor, knew that you weren’t on any kind of birth control. He called for his nurse to come clean everything up, and left. While waiting for the nurse to come in, you didn’t look over at me once, but stared at the ceiling while playing with your clit.

The nurse, a short blonde with a huge chest walked in and smiled when she saw the situation. She completely ignored me and walked straight over to you and exclaimed that she was delighted to see her favorite patient again this week. She asked if the doctor had left a mess for her to clean up again and you just nodded your head. She seemed to get the message and bent down to give you an open mouthed kiss. I had never even heard you talk about another girl before, let alone want to fuck one but I couldn’t help myself now, and started stroking myself again. She took off her top, dropped to her knees and started sucking on your swollen pussy lips. She sucked every last drop out of your pussy that the doctor left behind before telling you that the doctor had left a surprise in her as well this morning that she wanted you to clean up.

You finally looked over at me and beckoned me over to the table. You told me that while you ate out the nurse that you wanted me to make sure that no juices had gotten on your ass hole. I dropped to my knees as you raised your legs up to give me full access. I barely had enough time to see the nurse climb up and sit on your face before you pushed my head down to finish cleaning you up. I slid my tongue up and over your asshole the entire time you licked the nurses pussy, not once getting to see it myself. When the nurse was finished cumming on your face, you told me to go get dressed and get our stuff ready to leave.

We walked out of that doctor’s office, no one having the slightest clue what had happened that day. The only conversation we had about it was on the car ride home, when you told me that you would be going back to that doctor a lot more from now on but that you also wanted to get a few different opinions from the other doctors in the area. We still haven’t got back on the horse yet, but I’ve watched you get on the horse with plenty of doctors since then, and I love it.