Imagine this… Your best friend just got engaged and is planning a bachelorette trip to Mexico a week or so before the wedding. It’s obviously a girl’s only trip, and although I’m disappointed I can’t go with, I want you to go and have a good time. A couple days before you are scheduled to go, I take you shopping for some new outfits for the trip. It didn’t take you long to find a couple flowy dresses that would be perfect for the sunshine, but you also picked out a tight grey dress with a neckline that was so deep, you could see your ample breast squeezed together between the material. I thought it looked great on you but it was so tight on your butt cheeks, that there was no way you could wear underwear with it, and you agreed. You had always been a good girl but for some reason I had a sneaking suspicion, that with this dress on, you were bound to find some trouble. I was right, but not in the sense that I was thinking.

The day of your trip, I kissed you goodbye at the airport and watched as you walked through security. You stopped and blew me a kiss once through the checkpoint, and because your cell phone wouldn’t have coverage in Mexico, I knew that I wouldn’t hear from you until you got home on Monday. I spent the entire weekend imagining the crazy things you were getting into, but stayed busy with some overtime at work. Monday morning when I picked you up, there was an obvious glow coming from you and you looked genuinely happy. We kissed with a warm embrace and you told me you wanted to get home quickly because you had something you needed to tell me. My stomach instantly fell to the floor and I drove home as quickly as possible. I was terrified of what you might tell me, not knowing how I would react if you told me you had been unfaithful with another man. You told me to calm down, and that it wasn’t that, but that it was still something you weren’t sure how I was going to react to. At that moment, I cracked open a beer to relax, sat back and listened to your story.

When you arrived in Mexico with the girls, the first day of the trip was rather uneventful. You spent most of the time, laying by the pool and sipping margaritas with the girls. You all took a break from the sunshine for a little spa time, and then headed out for dinner. It was at dinner that the idea to go out to the clubs first came up. Most of the girls were up for it, and so were you, finally having some time to go out and have fun with the girls. You guys decided on the club at the resort that was supposed to be prevalent with a younger crowd. Before leaving to get ready, everyone agreed to meet at the bar once dressed, for pre game shots.

Once in your room, the tight dress with the cleavage was the perfect choice for the club you thought and you put it on. The approval from the other girls, and looks from the guys sitting in the bar, was all you needed to put a smile on your face. You always have had a high self-esteem, but the comments and looks made you feel extra sexy. All the other girls were finally in the bar, ready, and so shots of tequila were ordered. You all lost track of time and before you knew it, you had already took 6 shots and was feeling pretty buzzed. You told the other girls and they agreed that it was time to hit the club.

The line to the club was long, but when the bouncer saw a group of mid 20’s attractive women walking towards him, he simply moved the rope out of the way and allowed you all to walk in. The club was packed and the music was bumping. It was pretty dark in there but you all found a booth and got seated. It wasn’t long before everyone had more shots in their hands, and was slamming them down before heading onto the dance floor. Not wanting to get into any trouble with me, or having to deal with any sort of guilt later, you decided to stick to dancing with your girlfriends for the night. Most of the other girls had paired up with local guys but you ended up gravitating towards Mandi. Mandi was a college roommate of the bride to be and had just gotten out of a pretty serious relationship, she told you later. Mandi was about the same height as you but blonde, a set of fake boobs her ex had bought her and an ass that was just as curvy. She was a volleyball player in college so she was also in great shape.

The music turned from classic mariachi music; to more popular hip hop music. Already pretty drunk, you two started dancing closer and closer together and before long you had your back to her, grinding your ass on her leg. Her hands started on your stomach but roamed from there to your hips, your legs and your ass. You almost forgot you were dancing with another girl because the touch felt so good. She knew exactly how to move her hips in perfect motion with your ass and she was gentle but knew when to grip you. The music picked up, and so did the grinding and sweating. You turned to face her and you as she grinded on you; you could feel her wet pussy on your leg. You knew that you were getting hornier too and wondered if she could tell how hot you were getting. Both of your hands were now roaming and in the heat of the moment, she leaned in and kissed you. You were too drunk to care at this point and when her tongue entered your mouth, you didn’t hesitate to return the kiss.

The song eventually ended and you both decided to take a break and head to the bar for more drinks. She led you to the bar by the hand and bought you a couple shots. After drinking them, she asked if you wanted to get out of the club and head back to the room to wind down for the night. Your feet were hurting at this point from all the dancing and you were already pretty drunk so you agreed. You were excited and nervous at the same time, never having ever even kissed a girl, let alone whatever was about to happen up in the room.

Up in the room, you both got out of your tight dresses and stayed in your panties as she popped open a bottle of wine she had bought earlier that day. The first glass of wine went down smooth and she poured you another one as she told you all about her recent breakup and how it felt nice to spend some time with someone who actually appreciated her. A couple more glasses were drunk, and before you realized it, her hand was on your shoulder, slowly slipping off your bra strap. She stared at you deep in the eyes before leaning down and kissing your shoulder blade. She looked back up at you for approval, and the look on your face told her everything she needed to know. She kissed you again on the shoulder, and then grazed her lips over your neck before licking the bottom of your eye lobe. You shook with goose bumps, and leaned into a deep passionate kiss. She reached around your back, undid your bra and let it fall to the bed next to you. She again kissed your shoulder, and then your collarbone, and then the top of your breast. Her hands gripped your sides, but made their way to your already erect nipples as she leaned down to take them in your mouth. She started with the right one, giving it a gentle flick with the tip of her tongue before taking the nipple between her lips and giving it a light suck. She moved to the left one and repeated. You had never been touched so gently and passionately and you were in complete ecstasy as her hands and mouth roamed your body. Your fell back onto the bed and closed your eyes with a slight moan as her lips touched your hipbones. Using her tongue, she traced the outline of your panties and grazed over the exact spot your clit was under the fabric. She could smell how turned on you were getting and told you she wanted to see what it tasted like. Slowly she used her fingertips, and slid one finger from your knee, up your thigh and pulled the fabric of your panties to the side. She kissed the outer area of your mound on both sides, before using her tongue to part your pussy lips. She got a taste of your juices coming from your wet pussy and bit her lip in satisfaction. She again used her tongue and slid it up and over your clit. Seeing your clit being exposed prompted her to suck on it, and it sent more shivers up your spine. She continued to lick and suck on your clit but used her fingers to probe your pussy. She started with one, but gradually used two fingers to slide in and out while licking you until you couldn’t take it anymore and started twitching in orgasm. She licked every single ounce of cum from your pussy, and then sat you up so she could give you a deep kiss when she was finished. It was the first time you had ever tasted, not only yours, but any girls cum. You loved the exoticness of it, and how sexy she was making you feel.

Wanting to return the favor, you helped her slip off her panties and you got behind her while she got on all fours. She could sense your hesitance, never having done that before, so she guided your head with her hands to her warm pussy. The first thing you noticed was the incredible scent she had and it only turned you on more. With her being on all fours and you behind her, her pussy was already spread wide open, so you did the first thing you could think of. You stuck your tongue deep in her pussy and got the first taste of some other girls’ juices. You loved the way she tasted and instantly lost your mind. You dove right in and started licking and sucking every square inch of her pussy. Not wanting it to end so quickly, you would stop in between licking her clit and sliding your fingers in and out of her, to slide your tongue across her asshole. She would buck every time you did it in excitement, and you knew at one point or another, you wanted her to do the same to you. When she finally came, you cleaned her up until there were no juices left.

You both fell asleep in each other’s arms that night and you never felt more at peace. You both agreed to keep this between yourselves, not wanting any of the other girls judge you, but you two snuck away at any chance you could find over the weekend to spend alone time together and every single night the rest of the trip, was spent with her.

You were worried I would be upset after telling me your story, but I was hard as a rock. I promised you that I wasn’t upset and that it was actually a fantasy of mine and I couldn’t believe I had found the perfect girl. You smiled at this news and told me that you were so incredibly happy and that you hoped it would be ok if you could spend some time with Mandi, any time she was in town. Of course I agreed as long as you would always come home to me and tell me the details.

We have never been happier and I’m hoping that one-day, maybe I can join in the fun.