Imagine this… your best friend Heaven had been going through a tough breakup and wanted you to go out with her to get her mind off of things so you agreed you would take her out. You had been working a lot yourself lately so you figured you could use the night to let your hair down a little as well. You were scrolling through the internet, deciding what you wanted to take her to do that night, when you saw that one of your favorite bands was playing a small show that night close to where you lived. You figured this would be the perfect event for you guys to unwind so you picked up a couple backstage passes for a good price and called to tell her the amazing news.
As the time starting getting closer to go, you started getting ready for the night. You figured if you were going to get all dolled up, you might as well make yourself feel good and dress a little sexy. You put on a white lace thong and the matching bra, and found a tight tube dress in the back of your closet that snugged your tight body. You put on your favorite pair of fuck me pumps and headed out to meet Heaven at the venue.
At the venue, you guys got back stage, and saw that the drinks were free for ladies, so you got you both a few shots and really started feeling good. The show was incredible and you could help but stare at the hot lead singer the entire night. It had been a while since you had been laid since you had been working so much, so when you swore you caught the sweaty hot singer looking over at you in the middle of the song, you panties got a little wet. Heaven didn’t believe you when you told her in the bathroom what happened but sure enough when heading back to the stage, a security guard pulled you aside and told you that in between sets, the singer and the drummer had requested that you and Heaven stick around after the show for a couple more drinks. Instantly your heart started to pound and you couldn’t wait for those drinks.
When the show finally ended the singer and the drummer found you guys and bought you those drinks. It wasn’t long before the drummer and Heaven were making out at the bar next to you, and the singer couldn’t keep his hands from roaming your ass as he leaned in to talk in your ear. He suggested that you guys take the party to their tour bus and you were so turned on that you couldn’t say no. As he led you by the hand, with Heaven and the drummer following, he led you out to the parking lot and into the most incredible tour bus you had ever seen. As soon as you all were inside, the singer went over and put the bands music on, and came back to sit beside you. The drummer and Heaven sat next you and the singer on the couch and Heaven already had her shirt off. The singer pulled you in close and outlined your lips with the tip of his tongue before parting your lips with it. His right hand sat on your knee but moved upwards towards the gap in your thighs. His left hand moved the dress off your shoulder as he moved his kisses from your neck, down to your collar bone. You whispered in his ear that you should take this to the back bedroom and he stopped long enough to tell you no because when he was done with you, the drummer wanted to try your pussy next. Your pussy got even wetter as you looked to the side at the drummer. His head was leaned back in ecstasy as Heaven was on her knees, stroked his lengthy hard dick before sliding her lips across the head of it and down her throat.
You turned your attention back to the singer as he slowly moved his hand up and gripped your panties. You arched your ass to help, as he slid them down over your ass and stuffed them into his pocket. His fingers then slid into your wet pussy deep enough to tickle your G spot. As soon as you gave out a moan, he stopped and pulled out his fingers and told you that you weren’t going to be pleasured until he was. At that, he undid his pants and pulled them to his ankles. His cock wasn’t as long as the drummers but girthier and you wondered if you would be able to fit it all in your mouth. Before you could think more about it, he gripped the hair on the back of your head and led it to his cock. You looked up into his eyes as you took the entire thing down your throat, gagging on the shaft. He kept his hand on the back of your head and bobbed it up and down, until he was as hard as he was going to get and then pulled you up so that you could ride him.
Heaven was already lowering herself down onto the drummer when you climbed onto the singer. Facing with your ass towards him, you reached back, grabbed his hard dick and led him into your pussy, sliding in easy with how wet you had left his dick and how wet your pussy had got from sucking him. Once you were all the way down on him. He turned his body, as did the drummer, so you and Heaven were facing eachother. They had you both in such complete ecstasy, that when they told you two to take off each others dresses, you did it without a moment of hesitation. Reaching over, you lifted Heavens dress up over her head and then took off her bra. She did the same for you, and when you were both completely naked, you leaned in and kissed her. You don’t know why you did it, having never done anything like that before, but there was something so erotic about the situation that it turned you on more having your tongue in your mouth as you both rode the musicians. That was all that they both could take and the singer gripped your ass hard as he filled your pussy with his warm cum. You could hear the drummer moaning and you knew that he had just came in Heaven. Giving Heaven one last kiss, you slid the singer out of you and moved over and the couch so that you were positioned between the legs of the drummer. Knowing he would need some motivation to get hard again, you started licking his now empty balls. Putting one in your mouth, while slowly stroking his dick with your hand, you could feel some blood start pumping in his cock. Wanting him to get hard quick so you could get off too, you let his ball fall from your mouth and you slid you tongue down and over his asshole. You spit on it, and pushed the spit in with the tip of your tongue while still stroking him. He was almost completely hard now, so you moved your lips up and over his dick. You couldn’t take the entire length down your throat like Heaven could, so you compensated put swirling your tongue around his shaft while bobbing up and down on him.
Once he was completely hard you climbed up on him and slide down slowly to accommodate his size.
You heard the singer tell Heaven that he had enough pussy and that he wanted to try her ass, and you looked over in surprise as she bent over and spread her ass cheeks for him, knowing she had ever had anal, as far as you knew. You looked back at the drummer hoping that he didn’t want to try that as well, but he was smiling and told you to get off him and bend over. Never having done anal either, fear came over you, but when you bent over and he spit on his finger and started probing your asshole, the tension slowly crept away and pleasure took over. He slid his finger in and out, to loosen you up enough to where he thought he could fit his dick in and then stood up behind you. He told you to get his dick nice and wet so you spit on your hand, reached back and rubbed the spit all over the head of his cock. He placed the head at the entrance of your asshole and slowly started pushing in. You were so tight that he could barely get the tip of his dick in you and maybe another couple inches, but that was enough for you both. You started rubbing your clit as he slid the tip in and out of your asshole and before you knew it, the strongest orgasm you ever had was sweeping across your body. Your shaking and moaning, and the grip of your tight ass was just what he needed to empty every single last bit of cum in his body into your asshole.
After recovering for a few minutes, they gave you their numbers and told you that they would love to meet up with you two again if they ever came to town again. They offered autographs but said they were keeping yours and Heavens panties as souvenirs as they escorted you off the bus.
When in the car heading home, Heaven was already looking up the bands next stop, and you didn’t care how far it was, you two were going to make the drive.