Imagine this… it’s Friday night and I’m just getting off work. As I climb into my car I pull out my cellphone and call you at home. I tell you that I’m headed that way and ask what you are thinking for dinner. You tell me that you were hoping I would just grab something quick on the way, because you wanted to go out tonight. It’s not very often that we go out so I asked what you had in mind, a little bit surprised. You tell me that you needed to let loose a little bit and were hoping to go out for a drink at the bar. I tell you I think that it sounds like fun and I rush to grab a quick bite on the way home.

When I get home, I walk into the house and set the food on the table and head to the backroom, where I see you just climbing out of the shower. You not only smell incredible but you look unbelievable as well, standing there naked in front of the mirror drying your self off. I can see the beads of water slowly sliding across your perfectly perky 34 C breast and across your small gumdrop nipples. As I step in closer to you, and grab on your round athletic ass, you move my hands up to your hips and tell me that I have to wait until after we get home to taste you. Knowing that you were going to make me wait was disappointing but exciting at the same time. I went out to the kitchen and started eating when after a few minutes you walked out of the room, into the kitchen, and showed off your outfit for the night. I was instantly shocked at how you were dressed. You stood tall in your high heels, and had bare legs leading up to a tight fitting black dress with mesh between your boobs, just visible enough to see your cleavage. The dress was hugging you in all the right places. I started to feel myself getting hard as you walked towards me and almost came in my pants when you leaned in and whispered in my ear that you had a gift for me, while sliding your already wet panties into my jacket pocket.

I let you pick out the bar, and you picked a popular bar known to have a younger crowd, strong drinks and good dancing. I’m not much of a dancer but I agreed anyways, mostly because I know how horny you get when you have a couple strong drinks in you. The whole drive there, I can’t keep my eyes off you but you just smile at me and tell me to keep my eyes on the road.

We walk in and, of course because it’s Friday night, it’s packed inside. As we walk in, I catch a few guys glancing over at you, and I start getting a little horny knowing how much attraction you are getting. We finally find a spot at the bar and order up a couple drinks. You order yours a double, obviously intent on having a good time. After we slam down our drinks, I order another one but you ask me if I want to dance, even though you already know the answer is no. I tell you that it’s ok, and to go have some fun and I’ll stay back and have my drinks. I turn around to grab my drink and when I turn back, you are already pushing your way through the crowd and into the middle of dance floor. I see you start dancing with a guy but don’t think anything of it. After a couple more drinks you come back sweaty and tell me that you are having a great time, and you asked if I was too. I am honestly not having that great of a time but the drinks are good and I tell you to go back out to the dance floor and that I would go play some pool.

I walked over to the open pool table and grab a stick and catch a glimpse of you in the middle of the dance floor with the same guy from the first dance. He was a taller built guy and he seemed to like you because he couldn’t keep his hands from roaming from your hips, to your ass, and up over your breast. The crowd around you started getting pretty thick but before I lost sight of you, I saw him lean down and kiss you. You pushed him off gently but kept dancing. After another half hour or so, you came back to the bar with the new guy in tow. You introduced him to me and he was a nice enough guy. We spent the next couple hours drinking and bullshitting, and you two got in a couple more dances. As the night was coming to a close, the guy invited us to another bar he knew of, that stayed open late, but because I was getting pretty restless I wanted to go home. You say that you aren’t ready to call it a night, so I compromise and invite him back to our place for a nightcap.

We were all pretty drunk and in no condition to drive so we all agreed to take a taxi back to our place. The cab arrived and all three of us squeezed in the back. Before the cab took off, he said he forgot his wallet inside and ran back inside to grab it. While he was in the bar, I reached over and slid my hand up your dress. I could feel your dripping wet pussy. As I slid my fingers out, you stuck them in your mouth and sucked the juices off and then gave me an open mouthed kiss so I could taste you. I leaned back in my seat as the guy came back in the cab and it took off towards the house.

It was dark in the back of the cab and the music was turned off, so I started a conversation with the cab driver to fill the silence. Although I was pretty lost in the conversation, I could hear small little moans from you next to me. When I looked over, I could barely see in the darkness his hands slipping from under your dress and he turned his head obviously hoping I didn’t see him put his fingers in his mouth. We all acted like nothing happened but I was hard as hell the entire drive back to the house.

Back at the house, we all got comfortable, had a couple drinks and had great conversation and laughs before we decided to call it a night. It was really late at this point, and he seemed like a good enough guy, so I offered him to sleep in the guest room. He gladly accepted. We said our goodnights and you and I headed to the bedroom. I had been waiting all night to get you in bed so I could relieve this hard on I had, but once we got there you said you were too tired from all the dancing and rolled over to fall asleep. Without even a kiss goodnight, I was extremely frustrated and so I figured it best just to fall asleep as well and not to pressure you.

A few hours later I suddenly woke up. I rolled over to an empty bed. I figured you were just in the bathroom until I heard noises coming from the kitchen. It wasn’t like you to snack in the middle of the night, so I crept downstairs to investigate. As I peaked around the corner I got hard instantly.

You were bent over the kitchen counter, completely naked. He was behind you on his knees with his face buried in your pussy. You looked in complete ecstasy. I couldn’t believe you could be so slutty but I fucking loved it. I undid my pants and started stroking myself right there in hallway as quietly as I could so you wouldn’t catch me standing there. He must have been eating you good, because you came more than once, which you never did with me, before he stood up, flipped you around and pushed you to your knees. He got closer to your face, and grabbed the back of your head with his hand as he put his big hard dick in your open waiting mouth. He let you suck on it for a minute to get it nice and wet before he held your head still and fucked your face. He fucked it until he looked like he was about to cum, pulled his dick out and slapped the side of your cheek with it. You bit your lip every time he slapped your face with it. I could see your hand hanging between your legs, and your fingers sliding up and down your wet pussy as you stared up at him. After only a couple seconds, he pulled you up, threw you onto the table and told you to get on all fours and spread your ass cheeks for him. You did what he asked you to do and looked back at him so you could see him push his hard dick into you. You let out a high-pitched moan as you adjusted to the size of his dick inside you. He started off slow but before long he had the entire table shaking from his thrust. He didn’t last very long but he came inside you.

I snuck off back to the room and acted like I was still asleep when you crawled into bed. I rolled over as if I had just woken up and asked where you had been. All you said was in the kitchen. I had already came twice in the hallway watching you with the guy from the bar but I was already hard again, so I rolled you over and stuck myself into your soaking, wet, sloppy pussy from behind. I don’t know if I’ve ever fucked you so hard in my life. Your screams filled the whole house and there was no doubt that the guy from the bar could hear you. I fucked you for as long as I could withhold before I added my cum to his.

I never did mention what I had seen but I’ve never said no to a night at the bar or a nightcap afterwards.