Imagine this… Me, you and John head back to our place with a couple 6 packs after having spent the night out at the bars. John is one of my boys from the military, just back from deployment and since he’s single with not a lot to do, we invited him out for the night. You and john have always been close since me and you started dating but nothing ever sexual.
We get back to the house and start playing some drinking games already pretty drunk. I head to the kitchen to make some snacks and when I turn around you and john are walking up behind me asking when the food will be ready. I can see the way john is looking at you and it’s making me horny knowing how bad he probably wants you, so I do the egotistical thing and pull you in close for a kiss. He doesn’t take his eyes off of us as I grip your ass firm with both hands and work my tongue in and out of your mouth. Before I even knew what I was doing, I’m slipping your shirt up and over your shoulders and dropping it to the floor. I can see the look on your face shows how much you are enjoying this moment, forgetting john is in the room with us so I undo the hooks on your bra and also let it drop you to the floor.
I turn you around while kissing on your neck so john can get a good look at your perky C cups and that’s when you remember he’s in the room with us. You start to turn around in protest to what’s happening, now feeling a little shy, but I grab you by the hair and force you to your knees. You sit on your knees and look up into my eyes as I undo my pants and take out my hard dick. I press it to your lips and tell you to suck it so john can watch how good of a little cock sucker you are and you do just that.
Without using your hands, you open your mouth and slide your luscious lips over the head of my cock while rolling your tongue around it. I want to show john how deep you can swallow so I push my dick all the way to the back of your throats and make you gag. He liked the sound you made so much that he undid his pants, pulled out his cock and walked over next to me so you could service him too. You looked at me for permission and I just nodded my head. You took that for a yes and leaned over and grabbed his shaft with one of your hands and started deep throating him.
You started to jerk me off with your other hand at the same time, eventually switching your mouth between us both.
I asked john if he liked the job you were doing and he said he did but it had been a long time since he had some pussy. I told him I could help him with that problem and stood you up and led you to the couch.
I had you strip the rest of your clothes off in front of us and then bent you over the arm of the couch, your ass facing him and your mouth facing me. I again gripped you by the hair and told you that I wanted you to let him fuck you while you sucked my dick. You responded with yes daddy and reached back to grab his shaft and led him into your wet pussy. Once he was inside you and got a good motion going, you faced me again and took me all the way down your throat. You would stop and moan my name every few seconds until I grabbed you by the throat and told you this was about john and not me and to moan his name instead. You again responded with yes daddy and started moaning johns name. That was almost all he could take and looked like he was about to blow his load inside you but I had one more surprise for him. I told him to stop and as he took a step back, I got on my back and told you to mount me. You did as a good girl should and sat on my hard dick. I pulled you down close to me so your ass was in the air and told john that your tight asshole was all his. He had a surprised look on his face but wasted no time at all spitting into his hand and using some spit to wet his dick and the rest of it to lube up your asshole. Having only attempted anal a couple of times prior to this, you didn’t think you could take two dicks at once but I told you to just relax and enjoy it. At first you moaned in pain but once we got a motion going and you were able to relax, your moans turned into pleasure. Even during all of this, I was wishing that there was at least one more hard cock for you to suck on as well, but I was still in complete ecstasy. We were all sweaty and out of breath when john couldn’t take it anymore and nutted in your asshole. I could feel his dick twitching inside you and it brought me to my climax and I came inside your pussy. As I climbed out from under you and looked at you just laying there, I could see cum dripping out of both holes and almost came to a full hard on instantly.
We spent the rest of the night fucking in every position and location in the house.
John was the first but definitely not the last friend I shared you with.
Welcome home buddy.